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Monday, April 17, 2006


Air Jordans

I’ve never any pity for conceited people, because I think they carry their comfort about with them'

reading glasses

Japan made eyewear are cool, stylish, and full of unique designs, that's why I love buying them. And they're not too expensive!

titanium glasses

titanium glasses are always the first choice, it's popular,and also comfortable to wear.

metal glasses

If you hava a high requirement for materials, why not consider metal glasses ?

designer glasses

If you want to wear something different than ordinary eyeglasses, you should take a look at the designer glasses.

fashion glasses

fashion glasses are not only designed for protecting eyes, but also for creating a unique style for each different character.


Great post!! Finally, boys like girls with eyeglasses!!

Rubber Fetish

Its a great post..well done..i really like it..


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Nice blog with lot of useful information.


How times have changed in just a few years.
I remember seeing an article in
NEWTYPE USA several years ago
complaining about the decline of
women wearing glasses in anime.
The author thought the first step
to correct this was to have the
general population of women wearing
glasses. The author suggested having
Ayumi Hamaskai record a hit song
wearing glasses. I would have said
the same thing. But I guess Tommy
February rather than Ayu has popularized
the fad of eyeglasses.

Cath Lee

I think look like I'm from China if I wear glasses in Japan!


Since I had a lasik operation, I don't need them, but now I want some again.

Yeah, I know the feeling. I always hated having curly hair when I was younger, and also kinda wished I needed glasses... Meanwhile, my straight-haired, short-sighted friends felt the opposite way.

Oh, out of interest - how can you talk about the sudden new-found popularity of spectacles in Japan without mentioning this guy?


I've always loved Tommy February! Then I found out she was the singer with the Brilliant Green - I've always loved them too! They're some of the only Japanese music I still listen too.


Oh, I love Tommy february6. Her music is really かっこい to me (I hope I typed that right).

Weezer has this song called Across the Ocean (or maybe it's Across the Sea) that's all about Rivers wanting to be with a Japanese girl and obsessing over the cute stationery she uses to write to him.

Personally, I like people who wear glasses. There are so many styles of glasses, so they can make everyone look great!


I love this article. ^ ^
The other day my friend and I were at a little Chinese resteraunt called 'Kon Chau', behind us were two Japanese men. I had over heard them talking and told my friend they were japanese. Since we are both studying Japanese it is always fun to try and ease drop. And my friend, having courage and all, got up and asked if they were Japanese, when they replied yes she spoke a littlw Japanese to them. They seemed to be amazed they talked to us through our whole meal [since we were sitting right behind them] The point of this is that, one of them taught us what 'moe' meant, and ever since then i've been seeing it everywhere.
^ ^

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