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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


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Tampopo in SF's J-town is good. I love their Kyushu ramen.


There's a decent place in Vancouver on Denman. I think it's called Kintarou.
In Japan I usually go to Daruma (maybe this is a Tohoku chain?) and it has delicious karashimiso. Kourakuen is okay and cheap but just that.


I love the cold ramen. Gomukou ramen is my favourite. The sauce on the cold ramen is so delicious with vegetables and slices of meat.


I concur with Todd's comment. I too am trapped in the "diverse" city of san francisco that boasts a grand total of FIVE ramen shops for the entire city!!

There was once a place near UCSF called "Katana-Ya" that made grrrreat ramen. Lots of nihon-jin ate there (which showed its legitimacy as a good ramen shop). Then one day, poof, they closed...

The only decent ramen shop around the area is Santa Ramen in San Mateo. Get there early so you can avoid the queue and get the stewed pork ramen.



Even in the San Francisco area with many Japanese people living around here it is difficult to find a good Ramen shop. There was pretty good ramen in Singapore at a chain restaurant called Ajisen. They said they had many locations in Japan, but the ramen was from Kagoshima. The soup was made from boiled pork bones. Oishikatta...

I wanted to bring Ajisen to America when we moved back to California, but we were not able to find the right person to talk to about it.

Someone open a good ramen shop around San Francisco! Onegai shimasu!


The best ramen I've ever had in america was in denver, CO. Can't really remember the name of the shop, but I think it's house or ramen. The owner moved from Japan and opened his shop there. Anyways.. tonkotsu ramen, some gyozas and coors light.. bliss.. ^^

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