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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


supra sheos

How wonderful poem, I love it so much! Thanks for sharing!


I just got back from Japan a few days ago, and
I ran into your blog kind of by accident today. Fantastic! I try all kinds of new stuff and then I always hear about 50 other things I should try next time! Thank you.


Hello Mari-san. I just happened to visit your blog! We seem to have some mutual interests such as Tokyo, food, culture, etc. Why don't I leave my footprint here?

Cath Lee

I saw the bowls of ice shavings at the site Kishoku no Yakata. But I'm not sure what strange ingredient has been added. Over here in Singapore, we love ice shavings!
I think noodles with cream is horrible!


Oh yes, Genghis Khan Caramel. I have yet (and probably will not) try it. I have heard much about it though. How odd.


I have some saki ika in my house right now, I love it. I first ate saki ika in Hakodate, which is famous for ika, I think I've eaten every single form of ika ever made. But I don't think I'll ever try the chocolate saki ika, that is too crazy even for me, and I've eaten some really crazy ika dishes.

I followed your link, and was surprised to see Uwajimaya selling food through Amazon.com! This is great, I sometimes have my sister in Seattle go to Uwajimaya, buy my favorite tea, and mail it to me, but now I can order through Amazon and stop bothering her. And I have a $50 Amazon gift certificate I can use.
I'm going to celebrate, I'm going to have some tea and saki ika right now. Thanks, Mari!

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