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Thursday, May 11, 2006


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Each time you commit words to paper in your own inimitable style, you declare your character and personality traits, your talents and abilities, even your current mood.

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It's chaos here. Strange and fast. Just trying to keep my head above the sea of people and smoke and lights and gold lame, sequined, shoulder-padded blazers (they still make those?!?!?), and tube tops stretched lengthwise to barely cover the...ahem...you know. I had no idea a woman could balance on a 6 inch point no bigger that a finger's width around!!
We found family. How sweet it is. So, so sweet.

Anime Fan

I love these anime bags. They show your love of anime without looking like a huge nerd!


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well..hi i'm otaku girl in Thailand
but i do cosplay too
i think be an otaku it's not a bad thing because i'm got boyfriend and i love to walk outside to comix shop or buy some figger your disry was interesting!


Can I just point out, that I am one of those Otaku that you mention that came from England. This trip was one of the regular trips that we organise. http://www.japan2005.anime.org.uk

I am the President, and author of the book described in the article. I do not appear in the photo because at the time, I was taking the group shot.

Oh, and I do use a backpack. So long as I can carry my VAIO, and a goodly amount of anime merchandise then I'm happy. I'm even happier when I'm in Akiba and not dreary old London.


Haha, I am a member of the London Anime Club, I know a few of the British otaku in that photo! I mentioned you on the website:


Hi there
No I am not Otaku, i am just a Internet addiction. he he he
Lawrence, Thank you your post is great. No that PC does not relased in Japan and we don't know the ads.


Hi Mari,

I always enjoy your otaku culture-related articles. I too noticed the use of 'otaku' in the Apple 'Network' commercial. I had some issues with it, which you can read about here if interested: Apple TV commercial disses geeks?. Have you seen any interesting reactions to the commercial from Japanese otaku and/or Apple fans?


I hadn't read the Wikipedia article on otaku. I found it quite interesting. I'd never heard that the term "otome" was used for female otaku.

Mari-san, would you consider yourself "otome" in this sense of the word?


Nobody uses backpacks in Tokyo?

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