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Monday, May 22, 2006



I think these guys: http://www.cannedcoffee.com have some info on the 'ole cans of coffee.


Yay Mitsuya cider! daisuki dessssssu!


"there's nothing wrong with cold coffee. its awesome. specially in the summers." =)

I believe you. I'll have to give it a try sometime.


there's nothing wrong with cold coffee. its awesome. specially in the summers. i remember when i was little, cold coffee was the only kind of coffee that my mother would let me drink in the summer.

"post water" .. haha, that's funny.



I'll try it! What's not to like?


Put them together! GOOD!


"Anyway Nestle Japan released Sparkling coffee. I have not tried yet. Some said it's not so bad. Hmm I have no idea what it will be. You want to try it?"

Oh No! That is so wrong. But I do love (unsweetened) Iced Tea (with a lemon wedge), which, perhaps, may get a similar reaction from someone from Japan. Of course, I live in North Carolina, so I WOULD say that.


I LOVE the drinks in Japan cos they're usually very delicious. Mm... I think I would really want to visit Japan again. Maybe in June.


We have "frappuchino" which is like a coffee milkshake, or like cold coffee blended with shaved ice. But when I went to Japan I loved cold coffee drinks, and I still buy "gogo no koucha" when I can find it here in America!

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