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Monday, June 12, 2006



This blog was makes food ranking depends upon the taste...Its looks like very nice foods are here...

Wan Zafran


The business class cuisine for British airlines, at least in the site you linked to above, is called 'sate' (pronounced sah-tay). Basically, a sate is thin and elongated stick (called a 'lidi') on which is attached small chunks of meat; chicken, or beef. It is commonly eaten with onion, garlic, lemon or cucumber. There's a special gravy which goes along with it, which compliments the sate's flavour.

Yes, it's very tasty and, as far as I've heard, very popular with foreigners too.

Trejkaz Xaoza

Problem is, business class is unrealistic for 99% of people. For a fair comparison, you would want to compare the meals in economy class. :-)

Marco Bresicani

Wow, interesting post! :)


Here's a bigger site that's all about airline meals:


Useful reference!

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