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Wednesday, June 28, 2006



Indeed, Halliburton is an extremely serious company. The current Vice President of the U.S., Dick Cheney, is a former Halliburton CEO. Halliburton has received multiple no-bid government contracts for the rebuilding of Iraq, which of course has nothing to do with Mr. Cheney or the "deferred compensation" he received from Halliburton during his first term in the Vice Presidency.

But perhaps the biggest clue to the joke is that the suits look like a silly mascot character. U.S. soldiers in Iraq have already complained that new bomb protection equipment makes them look silly. I'm fairly certain they would refuse to wear anything like this.

Also silly was the diagram, which includes missiles and a "food reprocessor." The picture suggests that food would be reprocessed from human waste products, which is not a technology I would trust.


We can understand it is a joke, because "Halliburton" is a very serious company. They would not have such a funny website! That is just like Mitsubishi or Mitsui in Japan. I love such spoof websites!

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