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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



Mari, Hi
Kagoshima is indeed a wonderful place to visit. People are warm hearted and kind, and accomodations cost less than Tokyo and Osaka. I stayed at the Shiroyama hotel on the hill. From there looking at Sakurajima, it felt as though the earth was alive and breathing. In the mornings, I would go to the outdoor onsen just before dawn to watch the sun come up from behind the puffing volcano...just out of sight. Other areas nearby worth visiting are Ibusuki and Kaimon.


Yay Kagoshima!

I lived there while I taught at GEOS.

LOVED IT. Miss it completely, and would love to go back some day, but, as I think you accurately portray...it is a massively expensive city to reach!

The onsens are fabulous.

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