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Friday, June 02, 2006



Funny thing, in the beginning of ice cream, the Europeans came up with even stranger ice cream ideas. Some ice cream concoctions included pureed asparagus, duck liver, bread crumbs and even cheese! While fish-flavored ice cream is a little much, I think that you guys are all right in experimenting a little.

[I'm doing a research project on ice cream, so my head is filled with all kinds of useless knowledge right now. :D]

There are Baskin Robbins here in Kyoto too; most Japanese call them "31."
The thing I noticed here is this strange paradox:
- Japanese love chocolate
- Japanese love ice cream
- yet try to find chocolate ice cream...


There are Baskin Robbins in Japan, well there's a store in Riverwalk in Kokura, Kyushu...and i've seen CMs on tv for Baskin Robbins in Japan...maybe it's getting more popular. I've seen Hagen Daas...that seems to be really popular in Japan too. I've noticed that in Japan, they serve what I would call "soft serve"...which is more like whipped flavoured-cream rather than the heavier icecreams from other places...

ahhaa..I have yet to see a meat or seafood flavoured icecream in Japan...;]

Marco Bresciani

Italian one is the best ice-cream! :-)


Seriously, do a Wiki or at least Google search before asking a question like that!


Where I am in Japan we do have Baskin Robbins, at least in Jusco :V

It is true that there isn't very much real ice cream here, and when there is it's really expensive, but there's lots of great frozen treats. I really like azuki monaka and momo-flavour Coolish :)

Last year I was in the supermarket and I saw rock-salt flavoured monaka. I couldn't resist. I wish I had though. It was absolutely disgusting. you would bite into your ice cream and get a mouth full of salt. Yuck. I only saw it that one time though so I guess it wasn't very popular :D

Oh and I had kinako-flavoured Turkish Ice. MMMMM japaturkalicious!


When I lived in Japan I tried to get some ice cream from a 7-11 in January and they wouldn't sell it to me. They said it was too cold outside for icecream! I was so upset because I hadn't eaten my yearly quota of ice cream. Man those are so weird flavas- Chicken Wing? Ugh!


I know this is completely off-topic, but I noticed you write '...orz' a lot. May I ask what that means?


As much as Americans like to eat meat, I don't think most of them would enjoy it in ice cream. That is just a matter of custom and habit, though.

I suspect that the reason Americans eat more ice cream than Japanese is because of lactose intolerance. Many Americans are descended from Northern Europeans, who have an unusually low rate of lactose intolerance as adults.

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