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Monday, June 19, 2006


house for sale bulacan

Having a condo can be cool, but the high unit prices and other stuff need to be taken care of may make you think twice. Personally, having a house is still better than owning a condominium.


iphone clone

I can rent this size apartment with the same rent I pay now. Wow!! big balcony I will be able to have!

makati condo

This condo was I want to have a room with. I think live in here was so great.

Deirdre G


I lived in Toyama City in 1991 and 1992. It was about half the price of Tokyo for an apartment. The weather was better too, as it had 4 real seasons. Winter had a lot of snow, but was not so cold. It almost never got below treezing. They melted snow on sidewalks with water spigets set in the concrete. It never refroze.

Here in San Diego, California, prices are more or less the same as in Tokyo, but interest rates are now about 7% for 30 year loans.


Ahhhhh 120.000 JPY = 566 GBP That is an very honnest rent for a little flat I must say.


Hi Mari, it was very interesting to read your thoughts about the real estate market. What's more... I seem to be in the same boat as you: I also have to renew my 2-year contract this month, and I also have to pay 120.000 yen extra (same as you!). Unlike you however I would like to buy a place and pay it back too over a 20 or 30 year period. Impossible, though... as a foreigner in Tokyo my chances of getting a loan are sub-zero. Very nice blog, btw.


Mari, I love reading your blog! Thanks for reminding me of my favorite place :)


Seems like prices here in the Bay Area are a bit more than in Japan, although most likely, the sizes of the condos are a bit bigger...
Condos go for around $400-600K. Townhouses go for $500-700K (you own the land that it's on, there no yard at all). Houses are very expensive! Well, I do live in the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, etc), and is one of the most expensive places to live in the US.


I happen to come to this site while checking 'Sukiyaki' song. And I put this blog to my Yahoo Rss reader so that I can continue to read it in the future.

What I'd say this time is 'Thank you for your interesting blog':-)

I've learned that this is condo not appartment nor manshion.

Ken Y-N

I didn't realise Tokyo was quite that expensive! We have 95 square metres plus 35 sq m garden right beside the poshest station on the line, only 22 minutes from central Osaka and that cost 52 million. Quite scary getting a mortgage that will not be paid off until I'm 75, although given the low rates here I can pay the mortgage off and more with interest on money saved at home.

Marco Bresicani

40M yen... wow! Anyway not so different as Italian apartments: I'm going to live alone soon (probably before the end of summer, preparing apartment) and here in Milan I've bought a (about) 55m^2 apartment at (about) 30M yen (200K euro) (no mortgage for me). So... not so different prices.

Mari, if you'll marry me we can buy an apartment together! (^___^)

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