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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Trejkaz Xaoza

Xerts in Sydney have the touch panel ordering system at the table, which was mainly to keep with the science fiction setting of the restaurant. I'd never seen it anywhere else, but it's a neat idea.


In Singapore, we had several chains of sushi restaurants (not quite like izakaya - they were more upmarket compared to other local eateries) that had touch screen systems that you could use to order your sushi. But these were often conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, so the touch screen monitors were never used very much, except for dishes that were not served on the conveyor belts. Most people never used them anyway.


Ordering at a restaurant by table top touch panel sounds like a great idea. I would very much enjoy eating at a place like that.

I wonder if Americans could handle it, though. I write software for handheld computers, and the average person using our applications needs a great deal of support.

In one case, we actually had to explain to users how Windows worked on computer screens. Our trainer finally got them to understand this by saying that Windows were like pieces of paper, and then showing how one paper could cover another.

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