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Sunday, June 25, 2006


Allen DeClaire


Nice post and very intersting, how a prisoner used his mind to make life bearable in jail. Probably at Tokyo Detention House.

by the way....
acutally, Paul McCartney who was busted for drugs only got out of prison for one very sad reason, he was famous and he contacted Senator Ted Kennedy in the US Senate, and Mr Kennedy, the brother of John F. Kennedy was able to make one important phone call to the Japan government, and Paul was released from jail. He should have spent time like everyone else, but just because he was a famous VIP he got out. that is not fair. Why did David Choe have to spend 4 months there? Paul McCartney is a fraud!

I was in prison in Tokyo too, for two months. It was terrible. Newspapers were censored, some stories blacked out. Senator Kennedy didn't get me or David out. Japan is a semi-police state that is not really a full democracy. write about that somedaY!


Hey, that's not just a Lego Car, that is a LEGO VOLVO!!

I remember when Paul McCartney got busted at Narita, I was about 14 or 15 and a huge Beatle fan... I was so worried that he would have to spend 7 years in a Japanese dungeon! But he got out, now I know why, thanks to your link.

And this summer it is 40 years since The Beatles played in Budokan in Tokyo.

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