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Thursday, June 29, 2006



Mari, when do you think Japan will make no-smoking laws like in New York and California? As soon as they do that, I'm moving to tokyo! Otherwise - BLEAH!


Neechan, can you update one entry on what is popular for keitai accessory that is interesting and fun in Tokyo nowadays? I am curious as to what goes for popular with most people ^_^ If you can make a diary with that research it would be great.

I'm sorry I have been busy, not much time to read the internet. Hope you are doing very well!


Even though I am still trying to quit smoking (I'm wearing a nicotine patch right now) I will defend one thing about smoking: tobacco shaped the Japanese media environment and made Japan what it is today. I was surprised when I went to the Toppan Museum of Printing, it said that the modern advertising and media environment was created due to competition between two tobacco companies. The first modern printing presses were imported into Japan to print tobacco ads. Tobacco companies paid for advertising that supported magazines, newspapers, and eventually radio and TV. The intense competition between the two tobacco companies shaped the intense competition in the media that is present in Japan even today.


I don't smoke. In fact, as a child I was taught that only "bad" people smoked.

But I have nothing against smokers, as long as I can avoid them. In fact, I'm mildly grateful to them -- they've decided to get off my planet early and make a bit more room for everyone else.


Ooo! I made a Smoking Ettiquette poster that says "The Earth is not my Ashtray!" I would love to hang it by the patch of ground outside my office building that is just *covered* with cigarette butts...but I'm too shy. The smokers would probably get really mad. There are similar patches of ground around every picnic table on campus! I can't imagine why they like to sit there in the middle of a giant ashtray instead of using a proper ashtray that's situated nearby. Additionally, I've seen people at traffic lights open their door and dump their entire ashtry on the road! I just don't understand. It makes me angry.


I was all set to ride the Thunder Dolphin in LaQua amusement park near Tokyo Dome, but I was TOO big for the lap belt! I was so upset. My tiny friend said she'd get off too...because just looking at the first hill was making her heart beat fast. Guess I'll have to diet and then go to Fujikyu Highland. :o)

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