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Thursday, July 06, 2006


הגנה עצמית

The Criminal Procedure Act allows for the immediate arrest of an individual. If followed, this means that you are stopped by it and can go to the police.


I have heard about men avoiding to ride in
elevators when there is only a woman in it.

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>Now the law has changed


Police has changed the way they practice the law.


It seems to me I've read at least one case in Japan where schoolgirls on a train threatened to turn in a (presumably innocent) man unless he paid them.

In the U.S., there was a vaguly similar case worse than this recently, where two 14-year-old girls pretended to be an 18-year-old woman on MySpace, lured a man into meeting this fictional woman, and then robbed him at gunpoint.


I'm glad that men who intentionally grope women in trains can be arrested now, and that women have become more confident about reporting such abuse. Women have the right not to be molested. Men should always be respectful of women.

But for men's sake, I also hope that all women will try to be 100% certain that they were touched in an inappropriate place ON PURPOSE before they file a police report. In tight situations, accidental touching will always happen, both for men and for women, so women must be careful about whom they accuse. Men who are innocent shouldn't have to worry about false accusations. Will they make a "Men Only" car for men who are scared? Of course not.

So, women, don't be afraid to contact the police when you are molested... but also please be sure before accusing someone!


One can easily get paranoid about such stuff. I have heard about men avoiding to ride in
elevators when there is only a woman in it. But what about the other way around..When men are targeted by women?

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