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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


alex Oh


I am called Alex, just because i am staying in OZ. but i am korean who is very interested in cakes and patisserie.

when i googled it, your webiste popped up and i had a look at this, and i am now impressed by what you have done.

i assume you are good at english, so i thinki can contact in English.

simply, i love baking and learning english. and that is why i studied patisserie here in here.
however, i love japanese cake style and their idea is creative, i think.

unfortunately, i don't speak japanese at all, but i don't mind learning that language.

my point is.. do you know any bakery which can hire any international pasty cook over the world?

i have a skill of that, but i also wanna get hands on experience in japan.
i can't study this again in japan for some reason, but i would be happy to expereience and share my knowledge from australia and even north america with someone who is interested in.

you just seem like a person who can help me. i don't know why.
even though you would ignore me, that is ok.

it's just spontaneouls to do this.

anyway, thx for taking ur time for this.


Gen Kanai

Mari- great post!

Levain and Pointage are pretty different- both good though. Levain is much more French country bread- the owner studied at the famous French bakery Poilane. Pointage is more trendy and better for the Azabu customers.


Thank You for the great collection of links about desserts! I will come to Japan next week, and I hope to try all of them!Mari-san, do You know if I can order the bread from Recette while I stay in Japan? Thank You!


thats interesting about her... she must be good and all. japanese wagashis are great. very...how should I put this...traditional but still very enjoyable. not just wagashi Japanese desert stores are great. shyuu cream and what not. mmmm


Thank you for all the pastry images. Some of the bread pictures in particular made me very hungry. It's difficult to find so much well-made bread where I live, in Phoenix, Arizona.

On the topic of pastry, a few weeks ago the "World Pastry Forum" was held in Phoenix. My wife (who is currently in training to be a pastry chef) attended this event, and was especially impressed by the Japanese chefs. She was also able to take home a number of Japanese desserts, which especially me as well.

Unfortunately, the Japanese chefs only came in second at the World Pastry Forum's two-day pastry competition, perhaps because they had some misfortune with their sugar showpiece. My wife cheered them on anyway, and even made a sign in Japanese (with my help) supporting them. I think she got some very strange looks because of this.


All this talk about wagashi reminds me of my favourite. Ichigo daifuku :)

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