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Monday, July 31, 2006


plantar fasciitis

err myself keep getting an error when trying to skip to the next article


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Wow...Papua New Guineans are happier than Japanese. Well ...I guess they do smile more :/


I live in a rural part of Japan (near Kashima City) and love it. However, when I have to go into Tokyo for any reason I can only take being there for about one day. The noise, air pollution, crowds, and lack of natural environmental elements is overwhelming to me.


It would be interesting to see median tax rate and GDP/capita - median tax.

Also, median population density/capita.


lol i just checked and india is 120 and the uk is 40 .. i so completely misread that... in my defence it's too early in the morning ^^


i'm living in the uk... 23rd happiest place eh? i dunno, i feel i should be happier.. ^_^ i guess i can't complain though, except the ridiculous prices for things and the forever raining grey weather, this country isn't all that bad.

what? japan 90? india 236!!?? i used to live in india until 5 years ago and i was very happy... maybe they should re-count >_<

rotary spirit

I'm really happy in Vancouver and probably will be more happy when I get to Japan. :)

However, I'm much more interested in the first part of your post. I heard about this movie from a friend already but had not gotten the chance to see the trailers.

It looks delicious :> I can't wait to rent it from Konbinya~


Thank You for that Udon link--I'm thinking I would like to see that!


Actually, I would love to hear the opinion of these researchers about Japan. In the web site they show 4 numbers: SWL (satisfaction with life which is used for the map), health index, wealth index, and an education index.

These researchers try to show that SWL (happiness) correlates well with health, wealth, and education. However, the table shows that Japan has very high numbers for health, wealth, and education (similar to Switzerland), but yet the SWL is so low! So, something else happens in Japan that makes the SWL low.


I live in the UK and being ranked 41 doesn't really bother me because I don't really consider hapiness as a goal in my life... it's more like the by-product of other successes for me :).


The idea of "happiness" is subjective, both for individuals and for cultures. The researcher's use of this word to describe the point of his study seems arbitrary at best.


I just recently read an article about happiness, too. The researcher they interviewed wondered that maybe happiness isn't as highly valued in Asian countries. What do you think about that?



I'm living in No.99 ranked country.But sometimes I think it should be hihger...


So happiness is a 5 variable functions? A bit simplistic on my point of view! So I agree with you Mari, much more factor should be taken into consideration. I am living in No.2 ranked but I also lived in No.90 ranked. So far, I have been very happy as much in No.2 as in No.90.

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