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Friday, August 25, 2006



Hmm, blue is common in sweets and kids' foods. However, I don't think I would eat blue curry or blue meat or anything, because it seems like blue = mold for those kinds of foodstuffs.


The whole Japanese phone thing is great. It just reminds you of how Japan could be fare advance in technology. They worked on making phones smaller... then to bigger screens and features... now there going for that atrsy look I think. Either way they are very good in all feild.

David Costa

the Penck in white color is simple beautiful!
Hope you're doing fine... haven't talked with you for ages. :(


The blueberry is very good to eat. It even grows wild in the USA. There are many types of wild berries here and many have some are blue. There is even corn with blue color so blue is not so much unappetizing.



Yikes! That rice topping looks somewhat like mold. I suppose if you're into bleu cheese, you'd be used to that. In the US, I think, we're more accepting of blue in desserts. Children's treats often come in a blue "flavor" which is usually blueberry, "blue" raspberry, or sometimes bubblegum. There's always been blue cotton candy as far back as I can remember. It *was* freaky at first, but now I've come to accept blue Froot Loops.

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