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Saturday, August 05, 2006



I can't wait for this to come over to the States. I'm a huge GITS fan.

Of the two recent series, I preferred the Laughing Man storyline best of all -- weird piece of possible trivia: I believe at the end of one of the final episodes (when the Major Kusanagi is in the virtual library with the Laughing Man character), I believe she mentions Fredric Jameson by name. He's a famous US cultural critic and scholar. Pretty neat!


As I recall, the previous two GITS films were on a separate timeline from the two seasons of the "Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex" tv series. Looks like this film will be on the tv timeline, however.

rotary spirit

It's easily one of the best shows on any television, period. 1st Gig is a masterpiece in every sense of the word I think, only lacking in a little bit of characterization of the other Section 9 members, but that sits fine with me.

Did anyone else notice that in 2nd gig, Aramaki's brother is the person Kuze talks to in the Chinese tea shop?


that's great news, loved the first two series and the movies. I'll be in Japan from next week so I should be able to catch it - is there any idea what time it will go to air?


Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex was great; I hope this new one is as good.

I don't like product placement... I think it's distracting. I can't watch a movie without noticing every single brand or product mentioned.


I liked 1st GitS but thought 2nd movie was boring. I can't afford the DVDs of the series :(

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