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Friday, September 22, 2006


Computer Rentals

I love all this new systems for toilets Pretty!!

and embrace the last phrase "If they say it will work, it's fine."


What a funny topic, I have never read a blog about toilets topic, is very interesting, and I agree with you, those toilets are the best, My husbanf is serching our future house, and we want good toilets.


Hi there
Thank you for your comments. Hmm I understand it's difficult to find English word. Idylic? Hmm I have never known the word. "astringent" or "forgiving sadness"?! Hmm I have never thought like that. Thank you very much, I will use those in next time.

Kristy Cano

Hello! well arrive o his blog because I really had nothing to do. Is uite amazing everythin you wrote. even when I did no have an idea of som places you talk aboute. It is not your faukt, jeje is just because I leave in Mexico, and there no way to understand every thi. is like taking to you about Texcoco. well. Have a Good Day. kristy


While my understanding of Japanese is insufficient to disagree with Pasq242's definition of 渋い, usually I have seen descriptions such as "astringent" or "forgiving sadness" in conjunction with this word.

Perhaps I used to read too much fiction. In the early 1980s there was an odd novel called "Shibumi," written by an author who called himself only "Trevanian." Definitions for "shibumi" and "shibui" were both part of the story. I wonder: was this novel ever published in Japan?


There is no single word in English that is analagous to shibui.

"Idyllic" comes close; it implies simplicity and serenity in a natural setting, but it also has a connotation of "quaint" and "charming" which are almost a little patronizing. Because of that, I don't think "idyllic" really describes the site you linked.

Idyllic is also an adjective; it doesn't have a noun form like shibumi or shibusa.

I think shibui is an excellent word; it's worth having a word to describe that idea.

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