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Thursday, September 21, 2006


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This is really interesting and funny, it's true that if you have vision problems, it's better that you can buy some glasses but it's really funny that if you failed for that reason you to do the exam again, I didn't knew that.

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Ryan A

I was amused to read this. License retesting should be required more often in the USA. My reason is that my great grandfather had his license until age 92, but he was most definitely unfit to drive at that age. (-_-) I let him drive me one time, tohohoh. dangerous.

the problem I find in my area is that the city design is horrible. they spread out key points so that there is only high-speed traffic routes to get from point-to-point, this even applies for going to the grocery store. A trip to the local grocery store involves driving in 80kph traffic, and it is 8km away (very unsafe areas for pedestrians).


Hi there
thank you for comments. the colored bands mean the size of car. Green means the car is less than 500cc. White means the car is more than 500cc. I understand the U.S don't be so nervous for renewing of license, it's because it's nessessary. But I did not expect Italy has such long term for renewing.


Getting a license is different for young people in America, though. Where I live--Atlanta, GA--a person can get a permit at 15 years old. That permit must be held for a year, plus you have to either take driver's education or have a parent teach you to drive. While you have the permit, you can't drive without an adult in the car.
Then, you get your license at 16. I have that now. There are some rules--you can't carry other young people around in the car for a few months, for example. Then, at 18 you get the full adult license.

The Japanese eye test is interesting. We just used a series of numbers that you have to read. I could read the smallest one! I have perfect vision, no glasses/contacts/lasik.

I have a question--what do those numbers inside the colored bands mean? Is that when you have to get your license renewed?


The pubic hair fashion show was good, but this is just hilarious:


I'm nuts about that!


I got my last license in 1995, and don't have to renew it until 2021. In Arizona, driving is treated more like a right than a privilege. Of course, if the nearest grocery store or gas station is 10 miles away, you can see why.

As for the higher density of auto accidents in Japan as compared with the U.S., I would agree that this probably stems from the road system. Sometimes I think that in the U.S., cars are more important than people; we'll revoke anyone's property rights just to put in a new or better road.

Marco Bresciani

Here in italy we have to review driving license each 10 years and after 65 years old, every 5 years!

But we have a different eye tests, with alphabeth letters.

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