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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Miami auto repair

The important part is the social connotation about targeting men. In some cultures, this connotation is synonym of serious and professional results..


A shining mud balls association. What a strange hobby. People from Japan always have these kind of weird ideas.


You could be onto something here, with the men product names.

I came across a blog entry recently that highlighted the 'Yorkie Bar'(a choclate bar in the UK) tv commercial that ran recently - claiming that it's 'not for girls!' I believe sales of the Yorkie Bar were stronger than ever.

So perhaps you don't even need to have men on the product - it may be enough simply to imply it's for men by stating it's not for women! Like a razor called 'Women hands-off!', or a power drill called 'Women don't even think about it!'


You'll have to go camping again to find some nice mud!

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