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Monday, September 11, 2006



I'd gone to "JAPAN" in (Epcot-Disney) and bought these crab-shaped crackers/chips. I'm trying to find them so that I could purchase them again.


#5: These sometimes turn up in "party mix" in the US, usually with wasabi peas.

#6: I bought mango flavor at a local Asian grocery. Americans think of "caramel corn" as popcorn (not corn puff) - orange color means cheese flavor. So it was a surprise!

#9: I occasionally see these in regular grocery stores.

...I have never found Umaibo in Asian groceries here - I was looking after your old post!


Well, I've heard/seen everything on the list except no.3 and no.4 Although 4 sounds familiar (I've seen plenty of korean type counterparts) Oh, I also live in the US. xD I guess my favourite snack didn't make it :< I -love- Potapota Yaki. xD Only bad thing is that they're so good I sit and eat a whole bag full!

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