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Thursday, September 07, 2006



As far as my guy's friends, they want their GF or wife work and enjoy her carrior. Actually many couple are doing very hel help each other. Personally I don't think guys or marriage bother our life. I don't think it depends on guys, it will depend on who I choose. I hope this can be the answer for your question.

Luke Loughead

That USA Today article is very interesting! It seems that a female journalist, Nishiwaki Naoko, contributed, which adds some credible insight.

Mari, you seem to be a smart and independent young Japanese woman, so your opinions will be interesting to know and relevant to this issue. What are your thoughts on the article? What are your thoughts on the underlying issue of the state of gender equality in Japan?

Marco Bresciani

Eh eh... in Italy we have a funny term for guys (like me...) who still live with parents: "mammoni" that is something like... uhm... mommy-guys, guys that loves to be taken care by mom... :-)

Actually, here in Italy, life for a single is very expensive and tedious so people prefer to stay home with parents.

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