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Friday, September 29, 2006



Keep getting questions regarding whether these sell overseas. The Tokyo Banana is not available elsewhere since it's created to be a tourist souvenir!

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hi my name is jaymee and our temporary manager is from japan he brought this souvenir the tokyo banana..its a sponge cake with cream filling inside its really good i was wondering if theres anyone that can help me where i can buy then here in U.S Dallas, Texas to be exact.. if anyone knows pls email me thanks...

Kathy Dubravetz

I want to order Hiyoko - How do I?


I am interesting in your tokyo banana pie. I would like to know more information. Can you give me your e-mail address?


I love Tokyo Banana! I buy them eveyrtime I go there. It has just become a tradition over time I suppose.


Great page! I love yummy Japanese sweets!!!

Wayne Kerr

> Tokyo souvenir sweets has strange English on their package.

lol, talk about strange English. You're a classic.


Those hiyoko remind me a little of the marshmallow peeps in the US. Visit peep HQ at http://justborn.com/products/peeps.html. I'm sure bean paste is MUCH better for you than pure processed sugar and gelatin. Oh, well, Peeps are a part of our whole popular culture scene. Holidays wouldn't be the same without major tooth decay.

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