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Wednesday, October 25, 2006



Japan sucks! it distorts everything coming from the outside and they don't even know it...the live thinking the reat of the world is as stuopid, naive, incongruent, fetish, indiferent, arrogant and old as themselves.

Cath Lee

Haha... why are the men wearing sunglasses? Are they shy and do not want to be recognised?


Hi there thank you for your comments.
Ice Cream is okay. Actually it is very popular in Japan and not only women, guys love to eat it. So I wonder eating sweets in the table is embarassing for guys. It will be easier to eat in standing and having it by single hand.

In the USA, I never see "parfait" with ice cream. Parfait always have layers like the "tall one" but no ice cream. Layers in normal, US parfait are made of gelatine, whip cream and, fruit. They are not so high in calories.

At my work place, they have strange parfait made of yogurt (plain, not sweet), fruit and granola (sweetened rolled oats). I sometimes have it for lunch, and nothing else. It is not so large as a Nippon parfait so calories are okay (for a guy ^^').

For dinner tonight, I drank soybean protien drink. Jack Daniel's and I are having a neat conversation.

There are many reply posts today. Is this topic so controversial? I like it... Sundae.


I have always been mildly surprised that ice cream is so popular in Japan. More than 80% of the world's adult population suffers from lactose intolerance, with the primary exceptions being Northern Europeans. Even as someone with primarily European heritage, I find in my middle age that more than a tiny amount of any dairy product will make me ill.

Oh well, I suppose if something tastes good enough, human beings will tolerate the side effects.


I dunno, Japanese parfaits are just the same as the desserts we called parfaits in Canada (my home country). The wikipedia "American parfait" article text describes a parfait as I know it, but the picture is just of a sundae. To me, the wikipedia definitions are backwards.
If it has layers, to me it's a parfait. If it's just ice cream with toppings, it's only a sundae.

Also in Canada, same as Japan, usually men don't order such fancy desserts, but I noticed that Japanese men often order drinks that most men would never order in Canada. (EG drinks with lots of fruit, fruity frappachino with whipped cream, etc)


I like this tonkatsu parfait (see URL). But the very tall one might be even cooler.


Nifty Portal Z!! MY FAVOURITE ^-^

a man eating an ice cream... from comments, i can see the culture difference

the culture here i cannot get used to, is kiss. i go to a Gymnasium(junior high & senior high school) in Germany. and girls here kiss "on lip" every day everywhere... as a greeting.

before i left Japan, i saw a TV program with Kazuko Hosoki. a 5yr old boy said, "my mama kisses me. i like her but i dont like kissing"
i could understand him. but now, i cannot. why does he not like kissing with family? i see my host family, my friends kissing each other every day.

Ryan A

That's quite a man's dessert; the stack is so high ^^ Well, usually eating ice-cream at a shop is a social thing, but not strange to eat alone. Very relaxing.

It is not difficult for men to eat ice cream, here. It is always better to share ice cream with a lover but there is no problem to eat a sundae alone.

Sometimes, I visit this place.
My favorite sundae is this Turtle. I don't know why it is called that but can guess pecans resemble a turtle's shell when flat on ice cream.
There are too many calories to visit often so I go only 1 time in 2 months.

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