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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



I heard about this a while ago (on Neomarxisme.com, probably). I think some Japanese people go to Paris entertaining notions of it being this really romantic, artistic place, and then end up feeling very let down. It's like the people who come to Japan expecting nothing but wall-to-wall traditional culture or pop-trash cyberpunk. I've certainly met a few very disillusioned people living in Japan who were complete Japanophiles before they came here. They'd built the place up so much in their minds that the reality couldn't help but be an anticlimax.


Hello Thank you for all comments.
I won't think this happen at paris, actually thinking of the number of tourist. This will happen in the U.S. more. But this can be article because some people has too strong love and longing for Paris. Sometimes is's delusion. ha ha ha That is funny part of Paris. I like there and hope to visit there again soon.


Hello again! :) as usual your posts brings a lot of info and relaxation to me. Arigatou! :) ...

i couldn't find the french article there, but reading your lines brought politics to my mind - something like "look, we are so dirty, we have so many villains/immigrants that the tourists are sufering from this!!... and these administratives are doing nothing!!" - if i'm not wrong they are in the middle of an ellection campagne... besides, the number of cases is small, compared to that of japanese tourists... maybe they were already having psychological problems and not aware of them/didn't say they are suffering ... or maybe some are not really bad(kind of homesick, different civilization stress), but underlined as being so and dramatically presenting the worst... I suspect here a little contextual exaggeration :)...

Paris might not be one of the cleanest places on earth, but it's not definetely such a "monster" :)

Yan Dao

Greetings from Singapore!

The Merlion still vomits, erm, I mean sprays water you know :P

But they switch it off at night, probably to save electricity ;)


I wonder if Paris is the only city where this happens?

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