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Sunday, October 01, 2006



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The ASCII art version of the Chinese made Saber is hilarious.


I would agree that Toriyama named this character after "bloomers," since the character's family name was supposed to be "Briefs" (as in "underwear") and the character's son was named "Trunks." It's a cute but odd theme.

In the dubbed English anime version of "Dragonball," the female character's name was pronounced "Bulma" (sounding like "bull-mah"), and I seem to recall that she once even wore a blouse with that name in Western letters. The transliteration from Japanese to English -- ブルマ to "bloomer" -- is ambiguous on where the "L" should be placed, and so it is easy to see how this might have happened. Of course, they just as easily might have called her "Bruma" or "Burma."


Oh My God!
Homeless wookies have invaded London!

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