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Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Hi There
I was laughing to read the aritcle about Choshi dentetus, but it's not time to laught, they are serious. 3000 order of senbei? It's good job but still far from the million dallors. :-(


Choshi Train is really funny. Very small car and very old feeling. I took this line with some friends. Was really big fun.

Some Pictures from around the Choshi Line

Ad Blankestijn

I am very fond of Japan's many little train lines, and unfortunately, one after the other, they are disappearing... I do hope Choshi Dentetsu manages to survive! Some years ago, I took this train to Inubosaki Point, which was great fun! By the way, the senbei campaign seems to be working, according to their site they already had 3,000 orders by now!


When I think of Chiba, I think of Kisarazu (thanks to the drama Kisarazu cat's eye). Lol!
My boyfriend is from Chiba so I went to a couple of towns like Tsudanuma and Funabashi, they had nothing very particular that could set them apart from other towns, but rather pleasant to be in.

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