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Thursday, November 02, 2006



In Russia, we usually call KFC just like Americans do — "Key-Ef-Cee", but it's different with McDonalds — either it's "McDuck" or, well, a whole bunch of puns and derivatives of the original name.



In Singapore, we call adhesive bandages " Handy Plas" which simply means handy plasters. Hur.

Your entries are indeed interesting! -smiles-


Hi there
thank you for your comments, since it will be interesting to search how to call band-aid in the world wide. It will be a good ad of Johnson and Johnson.


They shortened the name to KFC in the US for the following http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kentucky_Fried_Chicken#Name>reasons.


Your post about what adhesive bandages are called in Japan made me think of this website for what we call soda in America.



Interesting post, Mari.
In England a vacuum cleaner is a "hoover" after the ubiquitous maker, as a toasted sandwich maker is often a "breville". Adhesive tape is usually "sellotape", but we don't use the term Band-Aid - they're just "plasters".
Couldn't tell you about fast food names though.


In Australia they call it Macca's for McDonalds. I still prefer to call it McD(ee) as how most Malaysians do.


in indonesia sometimes we call it Kentucky, so its like 'lets eat Kentucky'. or just spell it by alphabets.lets call KFC~ hehe


We call it KFC, McDonalds, and Band-aid. A lot of brand names just kind of stand in for the product as a whole, like Kleenex for tissues or whatever. One brand becomes so ubiquitous that no other ones matter. It looks like that's how it is in Japan, too.

Ryan A

Yes, we just say K F C, sounding the letters. I've heard it referenced as "the Colonel" though, if someone asks, "Where is that chicken from?" someone may reply, "the Colonel" ^^


That's a nice new logo, the Colonel is ageing backwards! Speaking of the KFC logo, I once saw a billboard with this logo on it (http://www.realtylinkproperties.com/uploads/logos/kfc.jpg) and couldn't understand why the Colonel had such a tiny body! It still looks funny to me even though I've figured out it's his bowtie not his body.


in america we call "KFC," "KFC" or sometimes the full name, "Kentucky Fried Chicken." same goes for Mcdonalds.. we call it by its full name or "Micky D's."

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