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Sunday, November 26, 2006


cheap jordans

Early to bed and early to rise,makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise.


I just remembered another place to eat: Donut Man!

915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 335-9111

It is a little out of the way, but it is famous here in California. Actually, it is run by a Nikkeijin. In the wintertime, there are special holiday donuts - I think one flavor would be pumpkin.


BTW, I had the same question when I was trying to bring back ice wine from vancouver :-)


I think the tax depends on the type of liquor. For wines, it's 1 liter before you get taxed. You can import more beer since it contains less alcohol.
here's a link to the government site:


Thanks Ken, I understand what you are saying, you are right. 60 liters is ok then, if you can carry the stuff!

Interesting that they have such a severe restriction on goods from Mexico, I thought you guys had a free trade agreement (NAFTA)...?


Have a nice time, Mari :)
i hope you already have good time .


Hi There
thank you for every information. I really hope update my blog in the u.s too. Hi Marcel
that eating LA site is good! I will check more and more thanks!


I love California, have much fun!!


I know it is quite late, but you may want to try checking http://eatingla.blogspot.com/index.html, or the LA Times Newspaper archives for interesting restaurants. Have fun in LA!


Actually, you can bring up to 60 liters into California if you are traveling by airplane or steamship. (sorry, sailboats)


{For some reason, you can only bring back 1 liter from Mexico by foot or car)

Note, however, that only 1 liter may be brought in *duty free*.


In other words, you may be taxed on amounts greater than 1 liter.

From the customs web page:

Duty is generally 3% of value and the IRS excise tax is generally between 21-31cents per 750ml bottle of wine, 67 cents/champaigne, and $2.14/ hard liquor.


I'm sure it is not 60 liters. Usually passengers are only allowed to carry 20 kg luggage. 60 liters of liquid plus the bottles would go up to 90-100 kg!

Best wishes on your trip and take care.


You should visit San Francisco while you are in California. It's a lot better than LA. :-) OK, I'm biased since I live in SF. Have a great trip and take lots of photos.


You can fly with liquids, you just can't bring them in your carry-on luggage.

I look forward to hearing your impressions of California! I hope the weather stays nice for your trip.


As far as I know, no liquids are allowed on airplanes to the US... so they might take away your sake and shochu before boarding because of security reasons.. the 60 litre - limit is what you can take with you without having to declare it at the customs-office (are you sure that it is so much? usually it is no more than 2-5 litres?)Better call your airline or travel-agency and ask in advance..

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