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Friday, November 24, 2006



i think i was reading about that on NYT last week


ps - that anime is very interesting. Luckily i could find some clips on youtube :) - some translated (those from the japanese site were not playing very well)... i remember i`ve seen Perfect Blue :) - the same cathegory with Fire Walk with Me, the movie ^_^


"Well, relationships are always difficult to understand."
mm, yes, i couldn`t agree more :)... but i find the notion of "a^^hole" being very relative - someone can torture a woman but be "ruled" :) with no problems by another. It`s all, i guess, a matter of how much a woman trust herself and deal with her own problems... and yes, she can be perfect at her job, smart and beautiful, but the real "mirror" is the boyfriend & his attitude towards her...

handsome is also relative... but ugly is sometimes universal true :))


I prefer a funny guy than a handsome guy. Funny guys are more mature actually, and they are more understanding. When someone looks for a life partner, one would look for a quality that last a long time. Looks will fade, fame will disappear with time and wealth can either bring good things or bad things as time passes you by. But the things you possess internally will only sharpen with time. Your mind, your principles, your sense of humour...

Therefore sense of humour I think is one of the coolest thing that a guy can possess. I'd rather marry a guy who can make me laugh then marry a guy who after 2-3 years of marriage makes me bored looking at his face!


Hi There
Marcel, you are right. They are charming and they are bring out women's motherly instinct. And Becca yesh it's true, girls can't leave them, want to do something for a** hole. This type of women is a kind of love addiction, I read. They want to a** hole because so that they can help him. They want to do something always to him.


I think some girls go after assholes because they think they can change them into being good boys. Otherwise...maybe the girls are masochistic?


Asshole-types of men have this irresistible charme, every girl likes that. I think it's natural.

Greez, Marcel

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