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Monday, November 27, 2006


mbt shoes

I suppose #6 as well, except I don't wear anything over the printed t-shirts (unless it's cold). Maybe #5? No figures, but a whole lot of clutter.

mbt shoes

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Jordans 1

Thats an interesting post. I knew some of them but mostly it was new to me. I enjoyed it very much.Keep them coming, because you have a fan.



It's quite contrary from my country.
Most of them have good motor skills,
and good in computer.

I think all are ok and accepted.
There's not really wrong or awful
about it. Unless the number 4.

Cleanliness seems important for them.


"No10. He wipes his face with the "OSHIBORI" (hand towel) at a restaurant : 463"

During the Summer in Japan, doing #10 is a must! Its just yucky to eat with your face full of sweat!


The single most unatractive thing hre in Japan: Girls who wear high heals and dont know how to walk in them. shufling around sliding there feet instead of walking or looking like they have no knees. its really bad


No. 7 My Japanese sister-in-law went on for about 10 minutes about how well I could park the car. "Sugoi! Otokorashii! Ippatsu de haittajyan..." She kept telling her husband how useless he was needing 3-4 shots to get his car in the parking space. At the end of the ten minutes I didn't know if she was talking about parking or about other activities involving timely and proper insertion...


Great subject! I'm glad I found this blog through the Japundit.com podcast!

Best Trait That Acts As Absolute Birth Control For Me:

*1* Men clipping their nails in public (especially on the train or on the platform).

I hear the 'clip-clip----clip' and my stomach gets sick and I just end up staring at the guy like, "what? Where you born in a barn?!"

I guess the fact they're so interested in their manicure means they don't notice me and a bunch of other disgusted people wincing and moving away as quickly as possible (and that ain't easy on a crowded platform but people seem to genuinely understand the mortifying reason for our crowding them and they make room for us :-) ).

Things that would bug me (but may be overcome):

1. bumping into him getting his hair cut in the same salon I go to and finding him sitting in the chair of the most expensive coiffeuse,

2. stays sitting in his seat *after* I've gotten up to give mine to a senior who has come on the train with a few other seniors who are looking for seats, too,

3. taking every freaking cellphone call while I'm trying to have a conversation with him,

4. like the point on the list about white socks with a business suit, I'm embarrassed to be shallow enough to go 'ick' when I see a guy wearing black executive-like socks with running shoes when we're playing volleyball. Don't do that. Just... just... . Don't. Please.

Tagore Smith

At least in the West, the rule is that your socks should match your trousers when wearing business or nice casual clothing.


I quite don't understand number 19, is it a bad thing to like sweet cocktails ?
As for wearing white socks, are black ones any better ?
I found some other funny.
Nice post ^^

Ken Y-N

I manage 9 out of 19 of these no-nos! Perhaps that explains my previous history of no success with Japanese females?


i've always used those towels to wipe my face when in japan... i sort of thought that's what they were for.

i also do it when i eat in a japanese restaurant here in the US... well not anymore.


Nice blog. =)

I think it's funny how sexist some of the items on the list are. Looks like Japanese women are just as bad as Japanese men in sexual role stereotypes.

Using pictures in emails?
Collecting point cards?
Likes sweet cocktails?
These can all be seen as positive things: he's an effective communicator;
he's thrifty and money-conscious (though I have found that to be a negative trait for men in Japan);
he has strong/various tastes in food/drink.

Thankfully those are at the bottom of the list. Though the ones at the top are pretty petty too...

Of course, I could be biased since I do all those... Though I avoid obvious faux pas like t-shirts under dress shirts, insisting on splitting the bill, white socks with anything but gym clothes, etc.

I would be very interested to see the same survey for my own country the US.


Sorry, I meant anonymous person who said making small friction into a big fire is #1, I agree.

(Not that I disagree with you, Marshdrifter.)


Hahaha! I agree with the women, even though I'm guilty of some of those things. If my face is sweaty or oily, it's hard to resist the temptation to clean it up a bit with a quick wipe with the shibori.

Marshdrifter, I agree completely.


Jeez, #7 and #16 for me. I suppose #6 as well, except I don't wear anything over the printed t-shirts (unless it's cold). Maybe #5? No figures, but a whole lot of clutter.

Luckily, I'm married, so she's stuck.

For me, this is a woman's disillusionary attitude.

No 1. Make a small friction into great fire.


In No.5, do "figures" refer to toys?

As for No.14, I read that white socks were standard Japanese business wear. Perhaps the quality of socks is the problem?

In regard to the women's behavior, No.2 (strong perfume) is all I might notice. When someone wears a strong scent, I wonder what she's trying to cover ;-)


"She sleeps in a train with opening her mouse?"

lol, but what does this mean? or didn't i catch the sentence?

greez, marcel

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