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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Asics shoes

Anyway, please quietly happy! This is life. We want to accept life bravely, bold, and never smiled.Do you think so?


Eat at pleasure, drink with measure... Theodosius


Really Cyril is not so famous in the U.S.! He is American nanoni-ne


I've never seen Cyril on US TV either, but from Mari's links he seems to be quite good. He seems to be a street magician? This trend of making magic in the streets using common objects was revamped here in the US by David Blaine. Is he popular in Japan? Here is a youtube link for David Blaine's magic:



I've never seen Cyril the magician on American television, but I have seen quite a few videos of him around the Web. I was particularly amazed by one where he walked into a restaurant in Roppongi, went to an apparently random glass-topped table, and started pushing objects such as coins and salt shakers through the glass. This guy is good.

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