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Friday, November 17, 2006


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Great blog! We’ve got a fab kawaii site, check it out and contact me if you want to collab?


do those voodoo dolls give you luck


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I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren't other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well.

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"I would imagin a vertical scale going from kimoi to kimochi ii, and would could play the game of ordering Japanese social items or behaviors on this graph."
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Herodotus, who in his portrayal of the Iranian expatriates living in Asia minor uses the term "magi" in two different senses. In the first sense, Herodotus speaks of the "magi" as one of the tribes/peoples of the Medes. In another sense, Herodotus uses the term "magi" to generically refer to a "sacerdotal caste", but "whose ethnic origin is never again so much as mentioned.

i have 2 of those voodoo dolls there perty cool.


I didn't know the Tokyo Plastic website. It's really playful and original, I really liked it.
As for "kimokawaii", this is rather a new expression in Japanese slang, and used by the younger generations. Well, actually you live in Shibuya, right?
I've always had the feeling that in Japan, everything could be classified on a horizontal scale from Kawaii to Kakkoii. Both notions would be like the modern yin and yang, relative to a distinction between feminine and masculine, light and heavy, etc...
With kimokawaii now, I would imagin a vertical scale going from kimoi to kimochi ii, and would could play the game of ordering Japanese social items or behaviors on this graph.

Other very common words in Japanese are "Tsumaranai" (boring) and "omoshiroi" (interesting)... sugoi... or different ways to express surprise or insist on things (maji, mecha, hontou, etc...).
I wonder if there is any reference with sociological definitions for those, or a website that would try to define them ?


Hi There
My American friends say everything is kawaii for Japanese girls. Actually they are said "Kawaii gaijin!" very often. They are confused first because they didn't understand they were said "cute". But now they accept Japanese girl's "kawaii" is all might but meaningless words.


"kawaii" is one of the first words one learns in Japanese classes. It is normally translated as "cute" but obviously in English we would never use the word "cute" for "tough-looking politicians" :-) ;-)

Thanks Mari for the insights on Japanese culture and language!


i got the doll today from a Thai friend. she has brought them to Germany lol


I live in Indonesia and those voodoo dolls are very popular too here. ^^;

tim t.

is there any such thing as a "boss coffee" t-shirt? if there is - i would love to get one.

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