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Wednesday, November 29, 2006



can you help me (non-Japanese speaker) understand more about what the leafusen is intended to do?

It seems to change color depending on how old it is?



Hi Adam
It is just an idea for this design award just right now. I am not sure it will be products for sale in the future. Kokuyo decides it.

Adam Kuban

Mari: Do you know if this cute onion-theme notepad is available for sale? Is this just a prototype design or is it in stores now?

Thanks for posting about such a cute item!


Don't forget やばい。 But all my Japanese mates have rather impressive vocabularies and I can't really agree with the above comments.


Hi there
Yes Sugoi is anothre almighty word. At that point, "domo" is magic word too, "domo" can work as thank you, sorry, excuse me, hello, good by. right?


It *does* sort of look like "You Suck!" Too funny. I suspect that the "You" is really "12/24."


How about うまい "umai" and おいしい "oishii"? I now truly believe there are no other descriptors in Japanese to describe food. I absolutely love all the food shows in Japan. But it kills me every time they scream "umai" or "oishii".

In English there are numerous synonyms for "delicious" thesaurus=delicious Besides that, I find that most English speakers (especially those who taste food for a living on television...) use a wide variety of words to describe a food they are tasting. What does the viewer gain from when the taster screams "delicious" for every single thing he eats? How about some REAL descriptions, please?


anyone notice the lefusen says, "you suck" ?!

anyhoo, my japanese kids all say すげい (or maybe a nihonjin would write it すげいっ) instead of kakkoi or kawaii. But they are elementary students in Saga-ken...

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