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Monday, November 13, 2006


Custom Logo Design

if it is in native language then fine but i don't know what this logo is trying to saying.


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Your thoughts pleasea


hi there
Thank you for you comments, James. That is so ture. Why we call them Tokyo? But Chiba Disney land or Chiba Air port sound so dasaine.


The Chiba logo is interesting. Do you think it is a was to create a more "new" feeling since the kanji have been used for such a long time? I like Saitama's round logo but the mascot ("Kobaton") is silly.


James Hart

Poor Chiba, calling them Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Narita Airport; even concerts at Makuhari are said to be taking place in "Tokyo".
It's good that they are trying to improve the image of Chiba. The logo seems ok, but you need more than a logo to change the image of a place. Sorting out the traffic jams would be a good start...
So which is more dasai? Chiba or DaSaitama?

PS. Come back to Metblogs; please!

Taro at news.3yen.com

Hey, you missed the easy city logo punchline in your report today---you forgot about the old Tokyo logo and present-day city flag looks like the gay companion to a "guy's one."

See pictures of all the logos and read more at my Japan news website today at news.3yen.com:
Penis vs Anus (Yokohama’s logo vs Tokyo’s)
. :-)


whaaa! .. i just sneaked an eye... great links !!... must come later to explore!

uhm, about the logo - i`ve read once a story about an old japanese painter who was asked to make for the mighty emperor a beautiful painting with 2 dragons... and after one year of preparation (while the emperor became almost insane with fury - he thought the painter was disrespectful...) the painter came and drew 2 broken lines on the canvas, one yellow and the other blue... stepped aside and said - i`m finished ..:) well, obviously he was put to jail for the insolence, the emperor thought... but during the night, in the moonlight, the 2 lines begun to expand, to grow, to develop eyes, big fangs, claws and started to fight... the emperor stared at them all night fascinated by what he was seing.. in the morning he went to the cave where the painter stayed for one year and there he saw thousands of sketches, minute detailes of dragons, studies of movement, all repeated to perfection and got simplier and simplier ..till he got to the 2 lines he knew well :)... of course he came back and freed the painter and honoured him... happy ending ! :) that`s my favourite japanese story anyway ... so, you should look at that logo in the moonlight ! :)))

omg i`ve written so much ! sorry!! :|


Thanks for the Maniackers Design link. Great Fonts site, very stylish and professional. Already on my favourites ^^

About the Chiba logo, I don't think it's dasai. Maybe a little bit too simple, but if used correctly, it can be very nice.


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