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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


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Ume Boshi

Ume Boshi have many kinds of ingredients which is the composition of traditional Chinese medicine. Plum acid has the affect of resolving lactic acid and is effective to get rid of fatigue. Its high acidity possesses the good affect of preventing germs from breeding, and does good to intestines and stomachs and whets appetite.


The more the merrier... Janikin


Hi there
My favorite umeboshi item is just imeboshi. I love sour sweet juicy big Umeboshi. Only one piece of umaboshi cost 300yen or so. But yummy yo!


I discovered this a couple of years ago, I love it. The first time I was given a bag of sweets supiiiii! anyway the freekak-e style is an invention that could just catch on in England! great blog by the way


Oooh, thanks for the nice links you show us every day. I really enjoy reading your blog!
Especially your Foodlife :)

Ryan A

I love umeboshi, but never had homemade. That game is so difficult on a notebook touchpad!


14.248sec!!! Airforce pilots averaging more than 60sec is amazing, they must be good!


yes, it is a site of modern french artists... some are really weird, like the one you picked up :)

uhm, take care about your health, if you`re not feeling well go and see a doctor :|

(ps - i hate that game too - 4 seconds my best , then i quited... actually, when i left the square untouched, it managed to survive 7 seconds :)))


My friend Fujiko-san's mother makes the most delicious umeboshi! I have never tasted any as good, not even in Kyoto (although there are many other delicious pickles there). She also makes really good rakkyo. Is it true there is a kotowaza that if you eat seven rakkyo a day, it will keep the doctor away?

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