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Thursday, November 30, 2006



Does the last thing to eat have to be a meal? If not, then I'm all for ice cream! It's the one food I can never pass by when offered :)


Hi There
Martin I did not know was written by swedish too. Do you think it will hit? I really don't know why they choose sweden.


I'm a little bit surprised, I thought people even if they are teens would have said expensive food like totoro sushi or kobe beef (don't remeber the exact name of it ^^; ).

As for me, I'd like to eat in a all you can eat chinese/vietnamese restaurant.
Or to eat tasteful spaghetti.
I suck at been French and not saying French food lol


my goodness...the hideaway is so funny...not that i'm laughing at the Hikkikomori thing...but it's funny...well at least for me and the song too...who on earth could have thought of making a pop song about miso soup

i just can't take things like that for serious ^-^


The song "Miso Soup" was co-written by a Swedish song writer, Stefan Ã…berg. Also you can hear Swedish folk musician Mats Wester playing the traditional Swedish "nyckelharpa" on the record by Tegomass. Mats Wester is a memmber of Nordman, a great rock/folk band that I like a lot. LOL good to see these two Japanese kids doing well in Sweden.


The "3d puzzle" made me laugh. When I was a child, I used to "manufacture" puzzles like this all the time... but accidentally. And then I always blamed it on my younger brother, or the cat.

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