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Monday, December 04, 2006



Ah it's interseting to point out Doraemon and maruko. But Maruko is story about middle Showa and Doraemon was written in 1969 first. Background of both animation are old Japan.


Hmm, I guess I didn't realize Japan is seeing less and less of this traditional house. We see them in anime all the time, like Doraemon and Chibi Maruko, I think these houses are so sweet! I was also fortunate enough to stay in such a house (in Tokyo no less!), it's a Ryokan in Asakusa, it's a special experience in my heart, but now I'm gonna treasure it even more!! BTW, I think the kotatsu is a great idea! It really keeps u warm, unless u have to go to the bathroom of course, then that's hell.


Hi Thank you for your comments. Wow you experient such traditional winter. That is nice :)

L. Cone

Iam fortunate enough to know people in Akita Prefecture who live in a traditional Japanese home. They have a kotatsu and a kamidana and the whole house is washitsu. Ivisited thee once inthe summer and again last March; it was very snowy and cold. They are very traditional people who usually serve guests in a separate room. It was so cold in March they apologized for eating dinner with me in the same room (!) so we could all share the woodstove and kotatsu. They put a futon in the Kamidana room for me and gave me a hot water bottle and a kerosene stove. I was under about seven blankets and had the hot water bottle on my feet; it was very cozy and I didn't need the kerosene heater at all. The sound of the wind rattling the glass shoji panels lulled me to sleep. It is a very precious memory.

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