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Thursday, December 07, 2006



I agree with you, JASRAC's way dosen't fit the internet era. It's too bad because for a foreigner like me with youtube I could find many japanese video...
Now we're forced to save flv.
For chinese, I think they shouldn't be angry because I don't know if the drama mock at the chinese personnally but shows like South Park in the US make fun of everything. This is free speech IMO.
I wish japanese and chinese could stop fighting all the time..


This determination reminds me of the Bushido code :)


Hi Misha
I did not save the flv before, but recently I saved the movies if I like it because I knew they would be deleted. JASRAC made things worse, ne!


"Booo" i say too! Do I miss something, or they just don`t get the fact their products are advertised at no charge ?!

:) I remeber i saw Nouriyouki Makihara on youtube singing in english Monkey Magic. Btw, the link with Hungry Spider, that i first found on your blog, might be broken since it was deleted once.... but the video reappeared :). I wonder what effect would have an on-line petition..

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