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Wednesday, December 06, 2006



I have found some great loose green tea at www.tealaden.com. They have a good selection of loose tea and wulong or oolong you can buy small amounts to try out.


I love oolong tea too. it helps to keep my weight. i love the famous wu yi rock oolong tea. but they are very expensive. my favourite would be da hong pao. i bought some from www.teacuppa.com and www.imperialtea.com. prefer teacuppa as price is much cheaper. what oolong tea you like?


i`m referring to a psychological area :))) B)


:) i hardly believe i would see an european minister posing like that...mmm, maybe a scandinavian would do it. :) it`s a taboo area


That place looks creeeepy.

Taro at news.3yen.com

A Japanese Maid Cafe...in Canada...with Taiwanese and Japanese maids serving Chinese bubble-tea to anime-addled, yellow-fever, white customers.

The owner of the cafe is a Hong Kong Chinese and the place serves HK/Western fusion drinks and food for cosplay/fetish impaired, otaku-wannabes.

Oh, my brain hurts. :-o


Ah lili
woolong and oolong is the same, sorry.


Hi there
I don't need to see maid cafe boss and minister's big stmachs. Sorry to link to them


I drove by the Toronto maid cafe the other day coming home from work and It was extremely packed. I could only shake my head in disbelief as I drove by. There's so much other stuff we should be importing from Japan first like Takoyaki and quality ramen.


Thanks for the Oolong explantion Mari ;)as said before, I gonna start looking for Black oolong tea, arounf here, since I already have oolong,
In the cafe, The maids are ok, the menu looks good :)


Maids in Akihabara are not cute at all.
but they are surely nice. i would not want to wear the maid dress & play a game with Otaku...


You're right. A Maid Café opened in Toronto recently. The women do look nice and I do agree that we don't really need to see the owner's face... But now I'm scared that region of Toronto will be transformed into Akihabara!

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