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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



You know, this blog is like a toy shop for me... Somebody pleease pull me out!!! :P :))))


Hi There
Ken I agree, echika shops are very expensive.


I agree about the new Omotesando station. But I bought a bento there once at the Kinokuniya and it was about 1,400 yen. Never stopped in a shop since.


hi!! Since I can't read Japanese :( Can you explain a little bit the difference between oolong tea & woolong from Suntory? sounds interesting.. I'll check my local Japanese market (Mitsuwa) to see if they have them.


I don't have the American statistics for Nintendo DS vs. PSP, but I know that my game-fanatic wife insisted on buying a Nintendo DS (or rather, insisted that I buy one for her). She still uses it to play "Animal Crossing."

Of course now she wants a Wii.

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