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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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Two men, one can listen. However, three men are not the most serious about this world each should delve into the matter.Do you think so?


Hi my coworkers were pissed off for Mega Mac, but the share price of Japan MaC was up because Mega Mac is sold very well. strange


I'm a bit on the sloppy side of replying late or at all, plus I happen to be blood type O, so I guess that explains everything! It can't be helped, its in my blood!


Mos Burger Rocks. Love it.


Europe has small big macs and if the mega mac ever comes. small mega macs.

You can count on that mac



from this website, I think Mac Thailand has also started to sell the Mega Mac. However, it is called Double Big Mac.


What different between Mega Mac and Big Mac. I guess only their size and more pieces of meat.

In Thailand, they just launched Rice Burger about 3 months ago. But I have never tried it yet because I have seen rice burger before.

The best franchise burger store in Japan and problaby in the world is MOS BURGER.
MOS BURGER is coming to open their first store in Bangkok, Thailand. Hope they will introduce with various delicious menus like in Japan or other countries in Asia.

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