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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


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Ken Y-N

Mari - did you catch last night's AruAru? It was on cancer risk reduction, and the biggest factor, just slightly higher than smoking, was eating habits. Japanese have been eating less veggies whilst in the US it has been increasing, which I found quite funny as a lot of the health shows always blame Westernisation of the diet as a problem.

Anyway, the top veggies that will no doubt be sold out today included: broccoli, broccoli sprouts, kawarai (or something - daikon) sprouts, komatsuna, mizuna, na no hana (hope that's the right reading), cauliflower and garlic. Barring the na no hana, which I can't remember having eaten, I love them all!

Wonder if we'll see an upsurge in vegetarianism in Japan?


Hi There
We are health geek and of course me too. I am not sure today I can buy some Natoo. I really want!

Ken Y-N

I saw the natto episode - surprised it sold out though, given that it's such a popular show.

My Japanese wife hates natto (don't many Kansai people dislike it?), and we reckoned the other way that it worked was that after a pack-full you're put off your food so much you can't eat!

We're both trying to diet this New Year, and as encouragement for each other, if either of us fails to reach our goals by the end of the month we have to try the natto diet in February!


Forget to put up my name

Screw Pilates, We got Natto.
Sounds like an culinary torture though. however Japanese shouldn't worry about food to o much, they already have one of the healthiest kitchens of the world.

Fat People in comparison to the west are a rarity,it really is

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