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Monday, January 08, 2007



We need more Famimas here in the US. Why are they only in downtown LA?


I found Family Mart name to be an oxymoron the last time I visited Japan. Like every other convenient store, it had porn magazines on the magazine rack, and yet it is a "Family Mart". Lolz.


Hi There
this morning i got Konnyaku Drink at Famima. I don't think it would be sold in Famima in the U.S. But I can tell they had good selection.


Hehe! I love going to Famima!! in Santa Monica, they have yummy salmon rice balls and inari. That is so funny that they have foreign items in Japan while Japanese items in LA. ^_^


By the way mari,

you really have a nice blog. it really is.
Continue and enlighten us with nice short stories. :)


I'll rather have Kansai style cooking. Nothing is better than that. Nothing beats overkill on flavouring.

Whats the equivalent dish of Tempura? its really good. I need something that taste equally good as that


Ah! Family Mart! When I lived in Korea we went to those often as it was good for a quick "Peppero" fix (Korean version of Pocky). I didn't realize they were so widespread and had an "upgraded" version. I want a Famima near me! :(

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