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Monday, January 01, 2007



Hi there
Oh really star mark means excellent article! Thanks, now I got it. I wrote some on Otaku topic before but it was deleted and renewed by someone.


The German boar page has a star because of its quality. The notation at the bottom of the page states "exzellenter Artikel", which poorly translated probably means that its an excellent article... :) It does have lots of info on boars....


Try changing your text encoding settings on your browser. Most Japanese OS browsers default to JIS, EUC, or ISO-2022-JP. Some poorly designed pages fail to include a content-type statement so there's no metadata to tell your browser that this German page uses Unicode/UTF-8. So look for a place to change your browser setting to UTF-8 and it will display correctly.


There were no star marks visible on the German wiki "boar" page for me. It could be your browser can't translate one of the German characters and is replacing it with an asterisk. Maybe you need a German font pack.


The DJ Ozma video on youtube was too grainy for me to distinguish between a body suit and real nekkidness. :-)

They can always claim a "wardrobe malfunction" like Janet Jackson at the superbowl.


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