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Thursday, February 22, 2007



I'm very impressed by that Darth Vader armor. Very likely we'll see someone try to recreate this as a full-size costume at some science fiction convention someday.

I think perhaps Darth Vader's original helmet was inspired by Japanese armor. I could be wrong about this; it also looks a little like a German WWII helmet, if the lower part of the German helmet were elongated. Of course, Vader's helmet was probably designed to deflect sword attacks to the neck, just as Japanese helmets were.

From what I recall, the Japanese weren't very interested in the film "Star Wars," at least not when it first appeared. I can understand this. Much of "Star Wars" seemed inspired by Japanese martial arts; the Japanese might consider this a boring retread of their own culture.

I can imagine Americans might not be interested if a Japanese director made a film about cowboys and gunfights. Then again, I might like to see that ;-)


Cancel the Olympics bid? No way! I want the Olympics to come to Tokyo.

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