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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


valentine gift philippines

I enjoyed reading this,anyway i am waiting for valentines every year its a very memorable to me. :)


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You seem to have got the niche from the root, Awesome work


I thought that Valentine's day was for people you love ?
Ah~ strange japanese custom to take western celebrations to make money..


Aww... just smile and give the chocolate. It's nice to give presents too...


Guys have to return the gift on 14th, of course. Then it should be more expensive than he got.


So do the guys spend that much on you ladies for White Day? Do they even get you chocolate?


couldnt stand the temptation:
sooo funny drawing (''*)


Wow, 1500 Yen? Assuming there are as many guys as there are women, each of them must have gotten a lot of chocolate today.

How about this: On March 14th you don't eat the chocolate and just give it back to the guys next year on Valentine's day... If the guys want to they can do the same. This way the chocolate industry will be the loser. :-)


At any rate, I am not a Natto adviser. Martin
Anyway, I think guys will agree with me. Guys have to do the same on March 14th. We should stop this. I really want to stop this.

Marco Bresciani

I agree with your angry and hate for this day... and I think you and your female colleagues should stop buying chocolate for guys you don't like! :-)


Hahaha, you were intervied about natto?? That is so funny. You have a million cool opinions about a lot of interesting topics, and all they could ask you about was natto. Tooo funny.

Valentine's Day got so bad at one Swedish Junior High School (with about 800 pupils) that the school now lets the kids have a day off. A couple of years ago, there was a lot of bullying on that day.

Mari, I think you have a right to refuse, after all you are the cool one, even getting into IHT/Asahi.


Have you heard of "white gloves day", once a year where women are allowed to propose to a man..


Seems like whenever a holiday develops some annoying commercial aspect, the U.S. is somehow involved. We should probably apologize for that, though it might be selfish to grab all the blame for ourselves;-)

When I was a child, growing up in the U.S. state of Indiana, our Valentine's Day custom was to buy colorful Valentine cards (about the size of postcards) for everyone in our class at elementary school. We were told that if we were going to give out any Valentines at all, everyone should get one, regardless of whether they were boys or girls. On Valentines Day, we would all run around our classroom delivering these cards, which we had individually addressed to each classmate the night before. Very strange, I always thought.

For U.S. adults, I believe that Valentine's Day is more of a burden for males than females. Men are expected to give their girlfriends or wives at least a card and a box of chocolates. Often we take them out for dinner as well, though now all of the restaurants are usually too busy. Sometimes we are expected to buy more expensive gifts, like jewelry (or at least a dozen roses).

The worst possible Valentine's Day gift an American male can give his "significant other" is some sort of stuffed animal, such as a bear holding a heart; this is an indication that he forgot Valentine's Day until the last second, and only stopped to buy something at a gas station or convenience store on the way home from work ;-)

My wife is a pastry chef (her last day of culinary school is this week) and so she has worked with chocolate so much that she's sick of it. She thinks that Valentine's Day should be just like Christmas, and so she always asks for specific gifts. This year, she wants her gift to be a new copy of the famous cookbook "Larousse Gastronomique." I haven't found this yet; hope I don't end up buying her a stuffed bear instead.


Japanese Valentine's day is so different from the way it's celebrated in the states.


Japanese Valentine's day is so different from the way it's celebrated in the states.


The article from that Gili choco link is very interesting. Thanks for sharing ! :)


I hate Valentine`s too :) It`s more like a marketing holliday, but in a Big Brother`s voice - "buy! buy! you haven`t buy it yet? aaah! sucker!!" B)... where`s the romance? And after all, it`s not healthy - from sugar & cocoa they`ll get pimples :))

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