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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Puma Ducati Testastretta

The toe box of this style of MBT is very narrow. I have narrow feet but this toe box is still very narrow and even a larger size would not afford much more room in toe box. But this is a handsome shoe.

Garrett Albright

I used to teach for ECC. All of the chain schools are deceptive like this, both towards students and teachers; Nova is just getting in trouble for it now because they're the largest, probably. It will be interesting to see what happens to the industry if Nova has to close down. Because they're so large, it will cause thousands and thousands of people, both Japanese staff and foreign teachers, to lose their jobs. I know a lot of Nova teachers are already starting to look for new jobs.

Even though I used to work for one, I think that these big schools are probably actually a pretty bad way for Japanese people to learn English. It would be better to take direct private lessons from a native speaker, take classes at a university, or, if possible, go to an English-speaking country to study.

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