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Thursday, February 08, 2007



I was very shy with playing toys spatially this type of toys ,these were the days, but now I am a senior citizen living the last stage of my life.......

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The cultures are so different and the things I hear about American high school just don't fit into a series' that scores high for it's sensitive


Sorry, never tried this but the idea of an Americanised version of Tokimeki Memorial hardly appeals to me. The cultures are so different and the things I hear about American high school just don't fit into a series' that scores high for it's sensitive, nostalgic approach. Unless Konami manages a Wonder Years for this Brooktown High thing, I'd rather stick to the Japanese version.


i think the dating games can become popular in the US, but i also think that a guy who owns one will be made fun of. its kinda embarrassing to play a game like that.

although, id play it and not be ashamed (but im a girl).

theres just nothing like that in america... i want to play it!


I think these games are not so popular in America because dating in America is a whole different animal than in Japan. First, men and women can mix freely and date without the expectation of marriage, so we get a whole lot more practice at it than do most Japanese. We don't need sim dating because we can engage in the real thing!


Don't confuse the "interactive novels" with "dating sims". I think both Tokimemo and Brooktown High are dating sims. You interact with the characters in order to balance stats and depending on the numbers, you reach some goal (a particular girl, I'd guess).

"Interactive novels" or Visual Novels are stories you read and make a few decisions during. No stats, little interaction.

I love Visual novels and also kinetic novels (same idea but they have no decisions) because you get all the depth of a book plus images, music, and voice. I've never liked the dating sims, I find reducing everything you do to a stat or number to be very boring.


I know the Tokimeki game only by reputation, and I don't know anything about the Americanized version. (I try to avoid dating sims; they seem too much like I'm cheating on my wife ;-) However, I would tend to agree with your analysis of the Japanese dating sim -- it does seem more like a "controllable Moe animation."

In fact, I sometimes think that referring to these as "games" may be a slight misinterpretation. To me, they seem more like what Americans would call "interactive novels." Of course, the concept of the interactive novel is not very well known yet.

It is interesting to me that this entertainment form is so popular in Japan, but seems to have only a limited popularity in the U.S. Perhaps this suggests Americans don't need to control an imaginary version of reality, because they are under the illusion that they have a great deal of control over their lives?

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